The process by which T3 Running operates is an easy step by step process and could not be easier.

Step 1 - Express interest in being coached by T3 Running, by clicking the link, "Get Started."  After completing a brief form with some basic information, you will be sent a link for your client questionnaire, which includes details on your running history, training habits, your work/home schedule, past injury concerns, and future goals.

Step 2 - Upon completion of the questionnaire, an initial consultation (free of charge) will be conducted via phone or email to discuss your running needs and what T3 Running can offer. If you feel that T3 Running fits your needs, go to the next step.  If not, we encourage you to continue your search for a coach.  After all, a client needs to feel comfortable with the coach and the services that will be provided.  Even if you choose our standard training plan, your fee will still include an initial consultation to determine what level training plan you need (i.e. beginner, intermediate, or advanced).  You may waive the initial consultation and make your own determination, if you would like.

Step 3 - Once you have decided to make the commitment to yourself, sign and return all documents to T3 Running, including waiver and initial payment.  We offer competitive pricing and payments may be made via PayPal, credit card, check, or alternate electronic methods.  At this time, you are now being online or e-Coached by Coach Mike, which includes the customized training plan, as well as unlimited communication.   If you have chosen our standard training plan, that document will be emailed to you.  Unfortunately, our standard plans do not come with unlimited communication, revisions, etc. 

Step 4 - Coach Mike will begin creating YOUR training plan.  The plan will be unique, in that it will take into consideration all of the information that you've provided (work schedule, running history, children's activities, access to workout facilities, etc.).  As life is crazy and changes daily, so will your training schedule.  Your plan will sent to you, one (1) week at a time.  This is done, because many weeks may be lost due to sickness, injury, or simply life gets in the way.  This "lost" week may need to be repeated or amended, which would affect future weeks.  Also, along the way, training paces will affect/change what training stresses you will be given.  If you are not progressing as anticipated or if you are progressing ahead of schedule, paces/workouts may be altered. 

Step 5 - We have partnered with Final Surge, which enables us easy access to your training plan and the ability to comment and change workouts.   The site also allows communication between Coach Mike and the athlete.  A mobile application of Final Surge is also available.  The application is free; however, it is not mandatory.  An EXCEL spreadsheet of your training plan can also be sent.  Either way, communication is key and Coach Mike is available via cell phone, text, email, or via other methods (i.e. Skype, Facetime, or OOVO).  

Step 6 - Communication, Coach Mike feels, is the most vital component of any relationship, whether it be coach/athlete, husband/wife, or employer/employee.  For this reason, communication is encouraged on a regular basis.  A coach needs to know how an athlete handled a particularly hard workout.  With that said, feedback is vital in the design of future weeks.  Scenario:  An athlete offers false or inflated information in order to impress others or Coach Mike in the form of, "...that was too easy of a workout" when in fact it was near race effort for the athlete.  Coach Mike bases future (harder) workouts in the coming weeks, only to get more inaccurate feedback from the athlete.  The athlete completes the workouts, but is digging themself in a hole that they cannot get out of.  In time, that athlete is chronically tired, sick, or injured.  Again, communication is key.                        

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