QUESTION:  What sets T3 Running apart from other online running coaching services?
ANSWER:  We pride our E-Coaching as truly personalized.  Your training program will be catered to the information that was provided on the athlete questionnaire.  Our programs take into account your access to facilities (i.e. gyms, tracks), your busy schedule, etc.  Some runners do not like running on a track due to a variety of reasons.  Some cannot run on certain days for religious reasons.  Your training schedule will be given to you a week at a time, as life changes constantly, we anticipate your schedule changing.  We do not charge extra for repeated schedule changes.  

QUESTION:   What is the minimum length of training programs that you offer? 
ANSWER:  Our training programs are offered in increments of four (4) week blocks.  We offer larger blocks (multiple months) at discounted prices.       

QUESTION:  If I call, text, or email with too many questions, will I be charged additional fees?  
ANSWER:  We encourage communication with our athletes.  You will never be charged extra for too much communication with us. 

QUESTION:  What if I commit to a 3 month plan, but get injured along the way and cannot run.  Will I lose my plan and money?  
ANSWER:  Injuries are a very real part of running.  Recent statistics indicate that 50% of all runners will become injured.  Of course, it is our hope that you do not become injured, but if you have signed up for any plan and become injured, we will freeze your plan at the time of injury and you can resume training after you heal.  Of course, the occasional minor ache, which requires only a few days off doesn't apply.  Long term injuries (stubborn tendonitis, stress fractures, etc), which require many weeks off apply in the freezing of your plan.       

QUESTION:  Do you offer any money back guarantee?  
ANSWER:  We do not offer any money back guarantee at this moment.  Our experience in coaching many different athletes indicates a high degree of improvement, at all levels.  Our athletes tend to run faster after working with us for a minimum of eight (8) weeks.  For those who do not wish to get faster, but rather just get introduced to the sport, we feel that after working with us, they have become understanding of running, better understanding of training terms, and injury prevention.    

QUESTION: I have never run a step before.  Do you work with athletes without running experience?
ANSWER:  We work with all types of athletes, regardless of their background.  We work with children as young as middle school and have coached an athlete in the Senior Olympics.   

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