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T3 Running, online coaching services, was created under the simple premise: you train, you transform, you transcend.  Start with an end point or long term goal(s) in mind (i.e. improve health, qualify for the Boston marathon, or beat a neighbor in local 5k race).  T3 Running will assist you in moving toward your goal through a truly personalized training plan, taking into account all aspects of YOUR life and previous running history, if any.

How much do you run?  When do you run?  What is the appropriate amount of training stress to apply to get a desired effect?  How should that stress feel?  The questions regarding training go on and on and can, at times, overwhelm the athlete with information.  At T3 Running, we will make every effort to simplify the process along the way as you train with us.  Over time, as you follow our training methods, your body will begin to adapt to the training stresses, and you begin to transform.  Transformation may occur in the form of weight loss, increased fitness, faster running, or a new found love for the sport of running.  As you near the end of your training block, it is our desire that you transcend all of your initial running goal(s).  There are numerous reasons to have a personal coach.  Find out what they are.  There is no better time to take your running to the next level or get properly introduced to the sport of running.  Now is the time!  

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T3 Running provides one on one coaching services to clients in the Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding area.  Online running coach services are provided to clients throughout the United States.